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chicas en bañador greta con flores
Activist and Feminine Inspiration in the New Swim Against Collection
Hoy te voy a contar el porqué de los nombres de todos los diseños de nuestra nueva colección Fruity Explosion. Seguramente algún nombre te sonará, ya que todos son en honor a mujeres jóvenes activistas de la actualidad.
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The Healthy Trinity: Food, exercise and rest.
In this post, I am going to explain how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
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playa de Bali con aguas cristalinas
The best beach destinations to travel throughout the year.
I thought it would be good to do a research and talk a little bit about paradisiacal beaches and at least start dreaming and then make it come true.
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Discover the best Spanish beaches to surf, all levels.
Do you love to surf, but don't know which are the best National beaches according to your level? This post is for you.
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¿Why is SWIM AGAINST® a sustainable brand?
Hi there! Today I am going to tell you about everything we do to be an eco responsible brand and sustainable.
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Slow places in Barcelona to disconnect from the unstoppable rhythm of the city.
Would you like to know slow places in Barcelona to disconnect from the unstoppable rhythm of the city? I will tell you here a few that give me peace when I do not have time to move out.
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The meaning of the SWIM AGAINST® collections.
Do the names I give to the SWIM AGAINST® collections seem unique to you? Discover here where they come from in detail. It is true that a lot of meaning and purpose is put into the name of all our collections and garments. It is not something fortuitous or trivial.
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Find out why it is so difficult to find the ideal workshop for SWIM AGAINST®.
Today I'm going to talk to you about how I select the garment workshop to create our small works of Art.
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Are you curious to know how we work? SWIM AGAINST® creative process here from A to Z.
If you have ever wondered what is behind the creation of a collection, in this post I will explain it.
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