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The sea. How such a short and simple word can be so immensely deep.
We are many that the sea inspires us day by day, me in particular to design, to create timeless swimwear, innovative and sustainable. Always with the same purpose, to live in a unique way the unrepeatable experiences that the SEA offers us.

I am going to tell you a bit about my personal story. It all started in January 2016 when I was listening a group called ¨Of Monster and Men¨ and there was a phrase that stuck with me more and more: ¨Plants awoke and they slowly grow beneath the skin so breath in breath out let the human in¨

That was the start of the generator of my change, when I was really aware that I wanted to start a path towards a more human humanity. A Humanity where nature was a priority before everything and everyone. Because in the end life is a constant change, and that is what makes it alive.

That’s when that intrinsic feeling towards the natural grew, and where I did what I wanted to do that even the smallest detail was considered.

This moment was born after studying fashion design and specializing in lingerie and swimwear. Just then I had worked for a season at a fast fashion brand. And that’s where I clicked.

So I understood from my guts how polluting fast fashion is, and the subhuman conditions for staff who work in it. After that stage I felt the need to create something different, something well done and durable. Do my part and help break that trend so established and shameful.

For me, it was vitally important to create a brand with transparency, to always do my best and serve as inspiration for others.

Going against the conventional is not an easy task, but by far field work and constant exploration, I managed to create what is today SWIM AGAINST¬ģ. A brand of swimwear and activewear proudly produced in Barcelona.

Today it can be seen as the balance between style and the cosmopolitan sensitivity of Barcelona, it’s at the heart of the brand.

Where there is a phrase that seems key to me to have a viable future: Buy less, buy better.

Swim Against Founder

I made your clohes Swim Against
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