Our Values

SWIM AGAINST¬ģ is a journey towards sustainability.

A trip that allows you, at the same time, to connect with your great passion, the Sea.

You are in the right place if you are looking for a complement for your adventures at sea, that is respectful with the environment and offers you maximum quality and comfort.

If you want to be sure that your swimwear lasts more than one season, this is one of our strengths.

Our fabric has wear resistant properties, and is designed to offer you incredible fit retention. We provide you at all times with quality and innovation in recycled materials.

And our raw material is discarded waste, two incredible technological fabrics sustainable.

On the printed side the fabric is polyester, extracted from post plastic bottles consumption, and on the plain side of polyamide, made of nylon from discarded fishing nets that, they account for almost 10% of all ocean pollution.

Nowadays, they are the two main causes of ocean pollution. It is estimated that there are 650,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets on the seabed, and 100 million tons of plastic in the oceans.

Which means that by buying SWIM AGAINST¬ģ swimsuits you are helping with the cleaning of the oceans.

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, using sustainable fabrics of high quality, biodegradable packaging and locally produced in an artisanal way.

Even the smallest detail is studied and controlled. In addition, our designs are 100% vegan.

Most garments are reversible, and all prints are real images of troublesome current environmental issues.

When you wear a SWIM AGAINST¬ģ swimsuit you are making your body a claiming expository element, so that you swim against the bad practices that they are currently taking place on our planet.

You become an agent of social transformation, giving visibility to the catastrophes that the human being is causing.

Furthermore, we believe in social justice and the dignity of people. That each person deserves the opportunity to demonstrate your potential. Therefore, everything is produced under fair trade criteria and locally.

Our sustainable swimsuits are made in Barcelona by a socially responsible workshop, that hires people at risk of social exclusion. This translates into fair wages and conditions of ethical work.

When you consume local products, you ensure a significant reduction in the emission of gases, and the energy consumption caused by the insatiable global economy in which we live.

Also, with each purchase you are helping those who protect our planet. Since 1% of the proceeds go to NGOs who fight for the preservation of the wildlife of our planet.

Each season we collaborate with a different organization, to help as many environmental causes as we can.

SWIM AGAINST¬ģ is a lifestyle, an experience towards a more sustainable life that we want you to be part of.

Since we know that it has a lot of value for you.



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