Are you curious to know how we work? SWIM AGAINST® creative process here from A to Z.

If you have ever wondered what is behind the creation of a collection, in this post I will explain it.

The most important thing when creating a collection is to visualize the ideal SWIM AGAINST® audience and think about what again I can bring you. So I think of a concept, for this, I make a rain of ideas and topics that interest me to work and develop.

Everything that I am going to tell you about, are phases of the project that last a time X, and it is convenient to allow a few hours or even a few days to pass, to see it with more perspective and from the distance to be able to do and undo what is necessary.

Once the theme is selected, I start thinking about keywords.

For example, the last capsule collection I’m making is called FRUITY EXPLOSION and the keywords that have come out are: Freshness, tasty, nutritious, healthy, juicy and colorful.

From here I go to Pinterest and do a research (search) of images according to the keywords. I select the ones that really fit the project, and with these images I make moodboards (blackboards) of inspiration. As an example I can tell you that in this collection I have made a moodboard of color, another for the color chart, another for inspirational designs, another for inspirational images, in this case of fruits …

There can be as many moodboards as the project requires, in addition it also depends on three key factors, inspiration, material and the hours you dedicate to it.

And once you arrive at this point what do I do? Well, as one of the moodboars is colorful, I can already take out the color card that the collection will have, it can be done in many ways in our case, according to the moodboard that I have created, I go to the fabric menu, and select the ones that are most related to our color chart.

At this time I also decide the fight images that will create the new collection. They are images of current environmental problems, which I use in collaboration with two photographers of social struggle and environmental. One is Mark Gamba from the USA who also collaborates with National Geographic, and the other is Pedro Armestre National photo journalist who also works for Greenpeace.

They both provide me a series of images of environmental catastrophes that they’ve photographed, and I select the ones that can work better as a fight print, and it also depends a lot on the themes you want to claim in each collection.

Then it’s time to start designing. Here the party begins! SWIM AGAINST® always designs small collections for a very specific group of special public like you. So our collections are very very well thought out and defined. In this next capsule collection FRUITY EXPLOSION, I have decided to make reversible garments but only plain color because the theme asked for it and I also wanted to make other types of designs, (until now our garments were reversible due to one side prints of real photos of environmental fight and on the other plain color).

It is important to keep in mind that reversible garments depend a lot on their pattern and clothing, so that limit its their design.

Creating a collection is a very powerful and energetic process of creativity at the same time, I find myself with a series of moodboards, a color chart and some concepts and from there I create volumes, shapes and silhouettes. It is very important to remember that, at all times, the theme of the collection and that something is never designed for its own sake, there is always a nexus or an ergonomic reason or a reason X.

Then I find the designs of the collection ready to take 3D shape. The designs are modified after making a first prototype (a first sample of the designs is sewn to see how they work) and a fitting is made (it is tested on a person and the adjustments are made missing from the pattern). And so on as many times as necessary until I have the final pattern and can pass to produce our designs with love and passion.

All I have told you so far are all the phases that SWIM AGAINST® carry out to create unique and unrepeatable collections. They are limited edition, and each garment is handmade in a social insertion workshop, supporting local production in Barcelona. Everything thought with the minor possible environmental impact so that we can enjoy our Mother Earth for many millennia plus.

I hope you liked this post and until next time !!

by: Amelia Serrano. 2020

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