¿Why is SWIM AGAINST® a sustainable brand?

Hi there! Today I am going to tell you about everything we do to be an eco responsible brand and sustainable.

To begin with, I would like to define what is sustainable for SWIM AGAINST® since lately makes much use of that word. Sustainable means managing the use of resources ethically that are available in a territory, and make responsible use of them according to the needs of the environment and community.

This leads to good management of these resources so that our progress does not affect the development of the Planet.

And how do we do this at SWIM AGAINST®? Well controlling down to the smallest detail all production processes. For example, our local production ensures a significant reduction in the emission of gases, and the consumption of energy caused by the insatiable global economy in which we live.

Our star piece is our high-quality technological fabric. In reversible designs we found two fabrics. Printed side is recycled Polyester fabric from plastic bottles post-consumer and the plain-colored side is woven from Polyamide drawn from discarded fishing nets.

Currently they are the two main causes of ocean pollution. It is estimated that there are 650,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets on the seabed and 100 million tons of plastic in the oceans.

Our sustainable swimsuits are made in Barcelona, ​​by a social workshop manager who hires people at risk of social exclusion. That translates into fair wages and ethical working conditions.

Furthermore, all the packaging and materials we use are biodegradable or have been recycled previously. Like recycled cardboard labels, our hangers are made of recycled cardboard also and all the paper we use or the packaging of the swimsuits.

Without forgetting that the printing we make is digital and no water or solvents are used in its process, making it the most ecological stamping.

1% of our income goes to NGOs who fight for the preservation of wildlife of our planet, because we want to help those who protect the environment.

Every season we collaborate with a different NGO to help as many environmental causes as we can. The first year of release of the first collection was 2017, and so we collaborated with the Ric O’barry NGO ̈ The Dolphin Project ̈ an organization that dedicated to defending the rights of marine life, specifically fighting against the killings of dolphins in Japan, and they also seek to release all the Orcas and dolphins that are in captivity.

On the other hand, the following two years we have been partners of Greenpeace Spain and we thought it was right stay another year, 2018 and 2019, as they fight for so many environmental causes that it was worth being with him for another year. They do numerous activist performances to put end environmental abuse. In addition to environmental studies and awareness Social.

This year 2020 after the massive Australian wildfires that started in August 2019, and lasted more than 6 months. 10 million hectares were burned and more than 1 billion died of animals. This catastrophe has made us decide to collaborate with the Koalas Hospital in Australia.

So that we have adopted a Koala that for the moment will be covered for a year maintenance. We are very proud to be able to contribute to different causes every year that They help make a world a little bit better.

All this makes us call ourselves an eco-responsible company, since in everything we do we take into account the environmental impact, and we do everything in our power to make it as little as possible.

by: Amelia Serrano. 2020

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