Slow places in Barcelona to disconnect from the unstoppable rhythm of the city.

Would you like to know slow places in Barcelona to disconnect from the unstoppable rhythm of the city? I will tell you here a few that give me peace when I do not have time to move out.

Barcelona is a small city, but with many exquisite corners.
I grew up in a village 20km from Barcelona, ​​in Sant Fost de Campsentelles, but due to circumstances of life in summer 2017 I ended up in Barcelona city, now about 3 years ago.

This has given me time to explore and learn a little more about the secret corners of the city, where you don’t feel that you are in the bustle of the city, but in a calm solitary place.

I would like to start with the “Jardins de Labiral”, in the Montjuic mountain. They are very nice with a few porches surrounded by greenery and flowers in spring. There is a fount called the “Font del gat” which, if you go up the stairs they take you to a secret corner, where there is a little bar with a little terrace where, people very quietly play cards, read a book or contemplate nature as it is surrounded by trees.

Very close, you can walk, there are the “Jardins de l’Escultor” where you will find the wonderful “Teatre Grec”. A classic open-air amphitheater with gardens, built in 1929 for plays, music and dance. Keep in mind that during the summer time they do several shows and is closed to the public, but the rest of the year you can perfectly access and sit for a while at contemplate it, personally has me in love.

Already more in the center, if you enter the “Barri del Raval” you can find another haven of peace. In the Hospital street number 56 you will find the old courtyard of “l’Hospital de la Santa Creu” in which the are currently the “Jardins de Rubió i Lluch”.A space full of mandarins and a fountain with mosaics that make it a unique corner.

There are seats to read and be surrounded by architecture dating from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century. You will be able to contemplate Gothic architecture, Renaissance and Baroque, without forgetting the colorful fruit trees everywhere. Definitely a magical place to rest from the city.

Another exceptional spot is located in the “Barri d’Horta”,and it is the wonderful “Laberint d’Horta”. A park with a huge maze that allows you to evade the city traffic and feel that you are in a romantic period movie. This is the oldest preserved garden in the city of Barcelona and it is considered a museum garden.

It represents a journey between neoclassicism and romanticism. In addition, before entering the park you will go through the domestic garden where you will find a great biodiversity. A dream place to enjoy art and nature.

Finally, I will tell you about the “Bunkers del Carmel”, 261 meters above sea level in the “Turó de la Rovira”. A unique viewpoint in the city where the sunsets are viewed in a unique way.

This location is historical since it was discovered that it had inhabited an Iberian town, and on the other hand during the Spanish Civil War it was used to put cannons, that is why today we can still find remnants of an anti-aircraft battery. This place is a key site since you can enjoy a spectacular 360º panoramic view of the city.

And so far for today, these are some of the most significant places for me in the city when I decide to disconnect, but I don’t have time to move out of town. I enjoy these idyllic little corners full of peace, and I would love for you to do it when you need to go back to connect with yourself.

Of course do not forget that you can write to me if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience of disconnection and relaxation with me.

by: Amelia Serrano. 2020

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