Swimsuit Spheniscus – FLAMINGOS

This basic shows how comfort and elegance can go hand in hand.

The Spheniscus swimsuit It is reversible and shows your feminine side with a great neckline on the back.

This design enhances the silhouette and is perfect for swimming to infinity and beyond.

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The drying up of the Doñana Park wetlands, caused by the lack of rains in recent years, has caused a decrease in the number of specimens of threatened water birds born in this protected area.

Also in other areas such as the Rift Valley, it is alarming that there have been dying a lot of flamingos during the last decades.

It is believed that this is due to various types of bacteria and toxins that have been developed in water, the result of chemicals, toxins and man-made water pollution.

To ensure the permanence of the existence of all species of flamingos, the most effective solution is to preserve their habitat and to apply strict guidelines against pollution in those areas.




Photo by Pedro Armestre



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Hand wash cold, Handmade in Barcelona, Resistant to sun creams and oils, SPF +50

Recycled Fabrics

on the side printed RECYCLED POLYESTER fabric from post-consumer plastic bottles., Recylced Poliamida on the solid color side

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