Swimsuit Sirenia- CEMETERY

If what you want is a swimsuit prepared for any situation in the water, the Swimsuit reversible Sirenia will be your faithful ally.

With the right front neckline it presents a design on the back.

Perfect for, swimming firmly through thick and thin while feeling invincible and oozing of freedom.

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¿Do you recognize this photo? If you don’t, let us inform you. This photo was taken during the fire that took place in Seseña (Madrid) in 2016.

This design empowers you to create awareness about one of the largest environmental scandals that happened in Spain over the last years. A fire that burnt six million tires (illegally stored) emitting huge quantities of toxic substances during 23 days. Police officers detected four different focus proving that the fire was started deliberately.

This pile of tires was started during the late 90s by a company that waited until 2003 to request the necessary license for crushing and recycling the mentioned tires. Given that the company did not meet the environmental requirements, the “tire cemetery” was declared illegal in 2003.

However, until 2009 the cemetery kept receiving tons of tires. In 2011, a new company (supposedly having all the necessary licenses) took over the dumping site.

In May of 2016 this gigantic “sea of tires” burnt. Let’s stop this happen again.




Photo by Pedro Armestre.


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Hand wash cold, Handmade in Barcelona, Resistant to sun creams and oils, SPF +50


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